Sunday, August 21, 2011

OPEN SESAME - International Documentary and Short Film Festival 2011

International Documentary & Short Film Festival
On Development, Culture and Human Rights

Jointly organised by
Department of Humanities and Social Sciences, Indian Institute of Technology, Madras

On 27, 28 August 2011; Central Lecture Theatre, IIT, Madras

Dr.Rajan Kurai, Film Scholar Inaugurates.
Mr.V.M.Subhagunarajan, writer
Mr.Kavitha Muralidharan, journalist/writer
& Mr.Ajaya Bala Siddharth felicitate.

Inaugural film:
Zanzibar Musical Club
Dir: Philippe Gasnier and Patrice Nezan; 85 min; Swahili with English subtitlesSynopsis: At sunset in the streets of the ancient old town, the musical clubs of Zanzibar, whose style reflects two millennium of cultural exchange and the island’s place at the crossroads of the spice route. Vehicle of cultural identity and living tradition, the performance of Taarab is intrinsically linked to both the ceremonial and everyday life of the island. Its gentle rhythms accompany the listener on every step of existence-from the most solemn to the most blissful moments.ZANZIBAR MUSICAL CLUB is an invitation to explore a millenary Muslim culture where traditions are transmitted through music; to go deep into a reality where music is the social link par excellence; to discover a world fed with Arabic tones, Latin rhythms, Indian melodies and African drums. This superb documentary is alive and pulsing with a musical mix of Arabic tones, Latin rhythms, Indian melodies and African drums.
Special guests at the festival:
Ms.Malathi Mythri, writer
Mr.Bava Chelladurai, writer
Mr.Yadharthaa Rajan, film activist

All are welcome!

For list of films, synopsis and schedule:

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